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How the Light Gets In

by Perspective Shifts

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Milchglas 06:40
Milchglas Geboren aus dem Morgen mit flachem Federkleid, ein junger Feuervogel traut sich in den Tag hinein. Sehe Nebel aus dem Gebirge und Kuppeln gegen Lärm. Hinter Mauern aus Milchglas, ein Strahlenbündel heller Schmerz Ein Flimmern, ein blauer Schimmer schützt vor Vergessenheit. So kämpft der Flügelschläger gegen die Unendlichkeit. Die schweren, nassen Augen blicken über’s brache Land auf freie Aschefelder zum Anflug freigeräumt. Erst die Nacht vertreibt Wolken mir endlich aus dem Kopf
Stop & Reverse An inferno of rays penetrated the room We’re born into this glistening bliss I was hanging like a filament of a skeletal bulb and the light was slowly creeping out I saw you floating like a leaf boats on a stream of unconsciousness Your unbearable gaze was mauling my heart as if we could ever scratch the walls of our dreams A skeleton in armor with a masochistic wish to kick a can down the street Let the light fade let the storm rage let the sea rise let the cage break let the earth quake let the blood shake stop and reverse and let the sky burst
Flower Bulbs 08:20
Flower Bulbs There’s a small wooden shed behind the house in indigo blue air and touched by the tips of tawny twigs a refuge in the gloom pierced by the flickering light a carpet of shards a reflective mosaic It’s nothing it’s everything but in the great scheme of things it’s nothing and everything I thought I would hear him humming only for one last time It’s just the frowning sky shivering in an electric night See it glowing through the thicket of my room But I cannot rest and dwell in the sun’s exclave on my windowsill It was on a Friday when I saw him last watching the birds frolic and sing There’s a flower pot hanging but it’s empty Today I found his last receipt: Wine, Cigarillos, and Flower Bulbs
Shiver & Shake A moment to pretend a time to tame a period to please regret all you’ve done regret what you’ve become Bring back the thrill bring back the tease hold down your ways come glow with the rays come glow with the rays One last wave of joyful rain to be one of the maimed what keeps you within left hanging in your chest left hanging in your chest You scratch at the door you call out for more never seen you so bold never felt you so cold I await a shiver & shake I await a shiver & shak
Human Complexity Schon am Anfang erste Schnitte, enge Rippen, die Augen weit. Von Auftakt bis Kadenz ins Gedächtnis überspielt. Verschlungene Körperwirbel mit Haut und Haaren, ein wenig Stoff. Gedankenleere Ströme, in denen Lust und Laune lebt. Eine warme Doppelhelix, Körperschwung, in stetem Fluss. So fest wir uns auch umarmen, wir berühren uns doch nicht. Sind Gefangene des Moments, in dem die Welt einfach verbrennt. Human Complexity, wir werden nie zusammen sein. Der Versuch, all das zu fassen, was sich als ungenau erwies. Ja und trotz der schlauen Schnitte, das Dazwischen am Ende übrig blieb.
Panopticon 06:07
Panopticon Caught in a room hung with eyes all of them are staring at me the lashed flow the eye-balls move bound in a neon bed With all these eyes hanging down I have to lower my head tearful looks heavy-lids in a constant reverie Take me away I’m a wanted man If only I could see what’s behind all these empty eyes I’d tear them down by their lashes and lids until there’s nothing left to see I’m not the sum of a picture set a gallery with no stories behind nothing escapes our common gaze panopticon with no eye-lids What ever there is to see they don’t want to see it what ever there is to know they don’t want to know it Take me away I’m a wanted man
Hunger 04:27
Hunger Suddenly something started to move under the carpet floor a small black dog wild and mean, sharp teeth shining at me his bite was bad is bark was not, shivered as I felt him mauling, putting his teeth into my flesh, putting his teeth into my flesh He got me down on my knees. Still his teeth in me I said: “hold on, hold on, hold on, I’m getting hungry again” Down deep into my mind mine all the days and the endless nights let it all appear as it is, snaps shot into my eyes I feel the teeth sticking in me I’m in a sea of misery no land’s man in a no man’s land a life-long dead man’s float I feel the hunger, I feel the hunger! hear me, hear me, hear me, I’m getting hungry again I’m a hungry man. I feel the hunger. Down on my knees I’m begging your please, feed my body, feed my soul, feed my belly, feed my heart, feed my mouth, feed my mind, sprinkle the stars in my eyes Open wide under the carpet floor a small black dog waiting for me, sharp teeth shining at me his bite was bad his bark was not, I shiver as I felt him mauling putting his teeth into my flesh, putting his teeth into my flesh He got me down on my knees – still his teeth in me I said: “hold on, hold on, hold on, I’m getting hungry again” Do you feel the hunger?
Raven Song 13:16
Raven Song Maybe we need the violence this elation of surviving at the end rising from the ruins only to return into dust in a haste dare to ask yourself what you’ve done dare to ask yourself what you’ve become but for now come down stand in line we are at the edge of time *** there is something shimmering in the haze *** It doesn’t matter where you lure me to let’s go let’s leave dancing on the tropics Cancer and Capricorn a light-bulb supernova in a Belle Époque super fair unseen how we laughed nights out with lights out under a tent of waning suns shimmering in your eyes is this our generation’s fade to attract attention to ourselves? until our hearts are sore *** there is something shimmering in the haze *** See the boys and girls sitting on the bed with their eyes opened wide they reach out for the first rays of a new rising sun to dry their cheeks and to rewarm their hearts See the mellow men out on the fire escape whistling the blues See the wounded and the maimed crawling from their inner caves reaching for the stars those were the days of shuddering hands the impending doom of buzzing fans See the shepherds sitting on the hill summoning up brand new ghosts from a distant past all the kids are frolicking and flickering in the Lawrence and the vultures are craving for the moving flesh They all come down on the field to stand in line and together we reach beyond *** let’s see what’s behind *** Let’s get lost in the void let’s get lost in time and space let’s find our way out of ourselves nothing is everything nothing is nothing nothing is nothing lasts as we go past take out your blades and slit the sky tear it apart break the levees of the milky way and let it all come down reach into the void reach into the darkness reach into the void greet the black star reach into the void open up your cage break your cage let the birds fly let the fire bird fly let the black bird fly let the raven fly kiss their shiny beaks and join in a raven song


Our moniker Perspective Shifts already refers to our
aim to constantly and radically change our sound
whenever needed. On the new album "How the Light
Gets In," we alternate between intensive storytelling
and noisy outbursts, creating dense and enthralling
The musical output is not necessarily bound by any
overarching genre but follows the sifting of our
consciousness and perceptions, taking a palpable,
often gloomy, atmosphere as a starting point. Pouring
our expressive powers into musical and lyrical form,
we create songs illuminated by darkness and pierced
by light.


Als Perspective Shifts verweisen wir bereits mit dem
Projektnamen auf unseren Anspruch, uns stetig und gerne auch
radikal zu wandeln. Auf dem neuen Album „How the Light
Gets In“ changieren wir zwischen gefühlsechtem Storytelling
und lärmig-berstenden Ausbrüchen, womit wir dichte und
vereinnahmende Soundwelten weben.
Diese Trips durch Bewusstsein und Wahrnehmung ordnen sich
keinem übergreifenden Genre unter. Ausgangspunkt ist stets
eine bestimmte Atmosphäre, ein bestimmtes Feeling, welches
wir ohne stilistische Scheuklappen ausleuchten


Avec "Perspective Shifts", nous faisons déjà référence à notre
désir de changer constamment et radicalement notre sound. Sur
le nouvel album "How the Light Gets In", nous alternons entre
passages ultrafins et des éclats bruyants, tissant ainsi des
mondes sonores denses.
Ces voyages à travers l’inconscient et la perception ne sont
subordonnés à aucun genre global. Le point de départ est
toujours une certaine atmosphère, un certain sentiment, que
nous illuminons sans clignotants stylistiques.


"A sonic thunderstorm of apocalyptic proportions, a boat
without sails on the stormy waves of the unconscious, an idyllic
moment of madness, the beautiful destruction of given
structures or the dark illumination of the oppressive
atmosphere, it is not easy to find a suitable description for
Perspective Shifts. Screaming synths and a singing drum set are
echoing intensive emotional groundwork. The trio builds on
their perniciously painterly way of deconstruction and lets
listeners lose and find themselves in the playful mist of their
lyrical violence." (Text Samuel Riedo)



released February 28, 2020

Music & Lyrics by Perspective Shifts

Vocals, Synth: Valentin Brügger
Sax, Piano, Synth: Manfred Jungo
Drums: Adrian Mahler

Many thanks to:

Angelia Schmutz for the artwork
Simon Breth, family and Slim Dog Records GbR for the perfect recording atmosphere at Musikbahnhof Annahütte, Brandenburg, Germany
Ralph Zünd at 2INCH-RECORDS for the mixing
Dan Suter at echochamber for the mastering
...and much love to our hearts

© all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Perspective Shifts Fribourg, Switzerland

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